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How to Make Advertising Portals More Profit

A portal is a doorway or gateway to another place. This term is often used to describe a website that offers a gateway to information available at other websites. With regards to advertising online, a portal is place where consumers can come to find what they need at various other locations online. The owner of an advertising portal makes money when these consumers visit other websites, so it is important to experiment with ways to make the portal most effective.

  • Use a white background on the portal page and stick with a simple and clean design. Some portal designers make the mistake of using colorful, flashy designs that turn off potential customers, causing them to leave without viewing the connected websites. A high bounce rate (visitors leaving after viewing the first page) is often due to poor design.
  • Categorize each type of product or service in neat, easy-to-navigate sections. For instance, if the portal focuses on beauty products, you might set up hair, fashion and makeup categories, as well as additional subsections wherever possible. Using categories also helps reduce the bounce rate and increases the chance that the portal receives clicks from motivated buyers.
  • Highlight the top advertising options in each category to draw visitors to the best possible choices. Base your decision on which links to highlight on the quality of the product or service. You might also accept payments for featured listings.
  • Use descriptive imagery to entice visitors to check out the options listed on each page. For instance, a photo of a pleased young lady applying lip gloss for the makeup category.
  • Provide testimonials or reviews of products and services advertised in the portal. Positive product reviews often prompt interest and eventual sales.
  • Write blog posts featuring products or services advertised in the portal to make the website more informative.

Portal Advertising
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