Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that offers data and fundamental analytical tools for marketing and search engine optimization needs. Anyone with a Google Account can use the service for free, which is part of the Google marketing platform.

It is employed to monitor website performance and gather visitor data. Organizations can use it to identify the primary user traffic sources, evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and campaigns, track goal accomplishments, identify patterns and trends in user engagement, and gather other visitor data like demographics.

Google Analytics is frequently used by small and medium-sized retail websites to gather and analyze different customer behaviour analytics, which can enhance marketing campaigns, increase website traffic, and retain visitors.

Moreover, the dashboard of Google Analytics includes the following:

  • Real time analysis
  • User Acquisition & behaviour data
  • Important metrics- users, sessions, bounce rate, average session duration, percentage of new sessions, page per session, page views, and goal completions.
  • Dimensions: language, city or country, models of devices, age group, and browser type.

Google Analytics
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