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What is Blogging?

Blogging is writing about what you like. In other words, writing about what you know and providing valuable information to people searching for it. Let’s understand it more deeply. For instance, you know how to use professional cameras. Now, you can create a blog and share your knowledge about DSLRs. Now, think of a person who is searching for How to set up XYZ Camera manually? So, if you know about it, you can write an informative blog on it, and Google can show the same who are searching for it. You can also earn from a blog in several ways, such as Adsense, Sponsors, Affiliates, and more.

What are the Reasons Behind Starting a Blog?

There could be several reasons behind starting your own blog. Everyone has a different thinking perspective. Here’s what I commonly find.

    If you are interested in something, do utilize it, whether making YouTube videos or starting your own blog.
    A blog gives you an Online Identity.
    It can give you more fame. But that could be only possible after putting in dedication and hard work.
    A Blog can be a LIVE ATM Machine for you. But never start your own blog for the sake of earning money from the very next day. It will take time. And, do not be hopeless after hearing this painful line.

Now, here I have written a practical Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start a Successful Blog? Read it below.

How to Start A Successful Blog? — Step-By-Step Guide

STEP 1. Choose a Niche (topic/interest)

Hey, what do you mean by a niche? Can you please elaborate on it? I am new to this game. Do not worry; I will elaborate on everything in detail for you. In short words, a niche can also be known as a topic. And, you can understand the topic as an interest. For instance, I was interested in Technology. So, I started my blog on Smartphones Technology.

STEP 2. Start Looking at other Websites in your Niche

What do I mean by Start Looking on to other websites in your niche? Start visiting the website which comes under your place. Take inspiration for their content, such as How they write. Are they using Hard words? I would say start judging the other websites which come under your niche. After evaluating most of the sites, make your own structure and road map of your site. Take other websites' mistakes as your advantage

Step. 3. Take a Pen and Notebook or Use Online Notetaking Resources

Now, start writing content ideas on that note. If you really wanted to be successful in blogging. I would say research about your interest or niche for almost 7 days. Your next step should be finding Content Ideas, i.e., on which you will write, e.g., If I am starting a Travel Website. So, I would write topics such as Best 5 Places to visit in Delhi With Friends or Best 5 Temples to Visit in Delhi. Remember you will need to do something which has not been done by anyone yet.

Now, after doing the above steps. It is time to implement them.

A Domain and Best Hosting for your Website

You might not understand these terms because you are new to them. Let me make a small glossary to understand better.

What is a Domain?

A domain is the unique name of your website. For Eg. Google. Com. Are you still confused? Let me make it more straightforward for you. For instance, Shambhu takes an interest in body building. Now, he wants to start his own blog because he is passionate about it. Now, Shambhu can choose a domain name called Shambhubodybuilding.[com]. Is it clear to you?

    What is Hosting?

Hosting means a Virtual Space to store data on your website. Still vague? Let's take an example. Have you heard about Google Drive? If yes, then you must also have aware of how it stores you Videos, Documents, Picture at single place. That's what Hosting does. Now, the Domain and Hosting both terms seem technical, but they are not much.

    Is Domain Name and Hosting Costs for Free?

I know you are curious to know about it. The answer is No. But wait, the price of every domain varies from store to store. On average, a domain costs Rs. 800. And a hosting cost of at least Rs. 199/month.

I am not going to talk about how to set up a blog. Because it is effortless to do it, and everyone can do it by watching a few YouTube tutorials. Thank you for understanding.

What are the Other Requirements?

You will need a Domain and Hosting to start a blog. Yes, I have already mentioned these things above as well. So, why am I repeating it? Because I need your attention. The two most important things are remaining. Have you noticed above, I had written How to Start a Successful Blog instead of Start a Blog? The word "Successful" matters the most.

If you want to start a successful blog. You have to keep in mind that you need to work harder and be more dedicated to your BLOG. Keep in mind, without Passion, Hard Work, and Dedication, you would not achieve your goals.

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