Sms Advertisings

SMS advertising is the promotion of products and services via mobile phones. Companies send short pieces of information to subscribers worldwide with the help of bulk SMS services to increase brand awareness and build trust with the audience.

Short messaging service (SMS) marketing is a type of advertising that companies employ to text clients with promotions. In other words, SMS marketing and text message marketing are interchangeable terms.

On daily basis, we use to receive messages on our phones from different companies, it is possible through SMS marketing. SMS marketing is a marketing tool that can be used to shoot bulk SMS. It can be related to anything like company promotion, product promotion, event promotion, new product launch, customer engagement, etc.

SMS marketing includes the following main categories & subcategories:

Promotional SMS marketing

  • Welcome messages & offers
  • Time-limited offers
  • Event notifications
  • Special occasion promotions

Transactional SMS marketing

  • Order updates
  • Account notices

Customer service SMS marketing

  • Customer service updates
  • Review requests

For example, TextMagic gives users access to every type of SMS marketing at a global scale through a fully-featured marketing platform that is easy to use and compatible with any business profile.

Sms Advertisings
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