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Among all other keyword tools, Ahref is the best one according to me. It is one of the full- featured tools what is easy to extract keywords from the competitors tools.

In this tool, you will have the option to find out the keywords. Extract keywords using the tools. Keep all the words in the excel sheet.

In the excel formal, you will have the chance to filter the words based on search volume, difficulty and other related options.

By using the filtration, You can reach a decision easily, Here, I have described every things superficially. If you want to learn the whole process, knock me to learn, I will share you the best process.

Keyword research is the success factor for all websites. Using keyword research tools like Ahrefs, you can easily rank your website for keywords that people are searching for and figure out what keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Here’s how you can use Ahrefs to do successful keyword research.

  1. Research your competition’s most popular and top pages: By determining their popular pages in organic search, you can effectively assess their top-performing keywords and pages with traffic potential. All you have to do is paste the URL of your competitor’s website into the site explorer tab and go to the top pages for a detailed report.
  2. Run a content gap analysis: If your competitors are ranking for the same keyword, it also makes sense to rank for the same keyword. To do that, you can go to content explorer under Ahref’s site explorer tab and enter your competing domains.
  3. Find new keywords in Google Search Console: Google Search Console will show you keywords you rank for in search results. You can look for keywords that have high impressions related to topics you have been planning to target.
  4. Use affiliate keywords with traffic potential: You can search for keywords that are related to your niche. You can go to keywords explorer and check keywords ideas report and then add words like “top,” “best,” “review.”

Ahref Researching
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