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An image sitemap is a type of XML site map. It is created for images and their content on the website. With this use of image sitemap, you can easily add particular information like where images stored on the website or its geographical location on the website. We can create a separate image sitemap in the XML site map. We can submit it separately to Google for your image ranking in the Google search engine results page.

There are several types of website map formats and understandings. Some websites are website navigation pages. html, some are xml for search engine crawling, do better than not, and then submit the corresponding in Google Search Console.

An image sitemap is an XML sitemap with additional data about how images relate to pages. Some sitemap tools merge it all into one big file - others like A1 Sitemap Generator generates separate files (one optimized for standard XML sitemap, one for optimized image sitemap, one for optimized video sitemap etc.) Both ways are fine. Historically Google recommended you separated them, but it no longer matters.

Image Sitemap
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