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Web design software enables users to create and edit the front-end visualization of web pages or website prototypes. These tools provide layout templates, a library of animations and interactions, and vector graphic creation to create unique and customized websites. Typically, web designers and UX/UI designers use this software to create and collaborate on prototypes. Because web design software utilizes what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editors, designers can finalize the design and requirements of a web page without the need for developers, saving the business time and money. Web designers use these products to craft the front-end design of a web page before they hand off the prototypes to the development team to add any necessary custom coding and then publish the web page.

Web design software provides a more customizable platform than website builder software, but shares some similar features with those products. While website builders are simpler to use and offer website building and publishing capabilities all on one platform, web design software will need to be used in conjunction with a publishing platform and will require someone to manage the HTML and CSS frameworks for their website. Web design software typically integrates with text editors to import code and vector graphics tools to import visual elements.

To qualify for inclusion in the Web Design category, a product must:

Provide a platform for editing HTML and CSS
Provide customizable templates or web frameworks
Offer tools for visualizing front-end design code
Provide elements libraries or shortcodes
Possess web publishing capabilities

Bundled Software
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