Admin templates are a set of web pages, built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript or any javascript libraries used to create the user interface of the backend of a web application. These pre-built pages are integrated with the web application for doing backend tasks like maintaining the website, user and content management, installation and configuration of website software, and tracking data like network traffic and user visits to the website, to improve the performance of the website.

A well designed, simple and uncomplicated admin template makes website administration an easy task. Responsiveness is also a major desired quality in an admin template so that you can take things on the go. There are a ton of bootstrap admin templates that you can download for free and if you want more functionalities, you can get premium bootstrap admin templates. These templates get you started as quickly as possible get your application ready in no time.

When it comes to creating an admin template, Bootstrap is one of the best frameworks that are used to build free and premium template. Bootstrap admin templates are in great demand. Bootstrap has a wide range of UI components that can be extended easily using plugins and add-ons. With Bootstrap you don’t need to code from scratch because you can get ready-made blocks of code. It is very easy to create a responsive web application using Bootstrap, thanks to the Bootstrap grid system and it is highly customizable. Also, Bootstrap has got great browser compatibility.


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